Readership Skyrockets! Membership Increases!

MPA is on the right course. The readership for the blog has skyrocketed! And MPA membership continues to increase! This demonstrates the 40 year old association knows the concerns of the lake and the people who use it and is proactively moving forward.

Our blog counter shows the numbers for this month already significantly higher than totals for February. We’re talking daily numbers from 11 to 45 times higher than the numbers from the beginning of last month! The counter keeps track of new and returning visitors as well as their view of different pages as well as specific days and subject searches! For instance someone did a search looking for info on “Manchaug Indians”, another on the District. As for the numbers, clearly the day after the Sutton Selectman’s meeting at the Senior Center stands out and builds more from there. I guess press is good – even if you are missquoted, portrayed as the bad guy, or are billed as having a single issue.

and the MPA mailbox was smiling with checks when I checked it Friday – unsolicited donations and new and old members renewing their committment for 2007. This was an unexpected surprise to me as the treasurer and I had not sent out dues requests yet – people used the membership form in the newsletter. That mail brought us a couple new members on the Sutton side and a substantial donation from an associate member, also from Sutton. A few Douglas members, 40 plus years on the lake, also voiced their support with a check. A dear senior member also sent her check in a lovely card with a lighthouse.

The MPA President reminds me we must actively work to protect and enhance the quality of Manchaug Pond. The job of the 20 MPA elected officers and area representatives is to feel the concerns of the entire membership, bring it to the board meetings, do the research and present the experts with the facts and experience who can enable all of us to make the right decisions. He further states we have to follow the mandate of the majority of the people: we have received 2 unanimous votes at crowded meetings of over 100 attending, a third meeting held in December had only two individuals (one in the proposed district boundary, one not) who spoke against.

Base your continued support on facts and on the welfare of Manchaug Pond. This is not a Sutton issue or a Douglas issue, it is a Manchaug Pond issue.

We asked for the Towns’ blessings before we proceed, to inform them and to have their recognition that this is important enough for lawful consideration. We urge the Board of Selectman to see the benefits to the quality of Manchaug Pond, the benefits to the shoreline property owners and deeded waterrights, and the benefit to the many users through the Public Boat Ramp, campgrounds, Waters Farm, YMCA camp and community who enjoy both the view and the waters.

The first meeting of the District will hold a FORMAL VOTE to continue or dissolve. Staff will attend training for municipal districts. The District will follow municipal rules mandated by the Act passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor, and District Bylaws for quorum, membership, and ensure that every property owner in the District receives notifion and has an opportunity to vote either in person or by proxy, and that only ONE vote per household be allowed. Others living in the watershed, campers, tenants and adult children, cousins, siblings will not have a vote but will be encouraged to participate as a “Friend of Manchaug Pond.”

Let’s do it right. Based on fact not fiction and fear.