MPA Newsletter in the Mail!

The blog has been quiet not because there isn’t much happening but just the opposite! I have been busy working on the winter newsletter I had expected to get out in Dec. Well, today it came back from being printed so I am pleased to say it will be in your mailbox starting tomorrow (and well before spring!) This issue is 12 pages of information from the grant award to facts about the district effort, two articles on the history of Manchaug and an advertisement from a MPA member offering his home for sale to us first on the lot I have always considered the best spot on the lake. I hope you enjoy this issue. If you would like to submitt a few words for the next issue, I would love it. Also if you see a few errors – words not centered or an extra tab – it is the process of transfering the newsletter from the publishing program to the copy machine. We did a whole lot better this time with the transfer than we did with the summer issue.

The lake is doing a whole lot of moaning and groaning and the temps have been very cold at zero F in the morning and a strong, bitter cold wind through the day. If you want a change… go to warmer temps with the blog of a former Manchaug Pond resident (he used to wind surf the waters during the days of professor Nunnemacher, sail a sunfish with his Dad in the days of MPA sailboat races and tour the lake int the little motorboat with the old Johnson motor) as he checks out the deserts states of California, Arizona and the like in his Airstream. Niced photos!