Caretaker Opens Gate

This photo was emailed in and titled “Waiting for Spring!”

The Interface Dam Caretaker opened the gate agood 12 inches to take care of this snowstorm and the tremendous amount of runoff expected.

Our lawyer did say that with all the “what if” of the future, the ONE THING WE CAN BE CERTAIN OF IS THAT GUILFORD IS GOING AWAY!

I knew he was right, but I never thought I would hear that news yesterday.

Those opposed to the District say that the state regulates the water level for Manchaug and that no dam owner could drain it down. Maybe to an extreme, but every year I see it different. Reality is that there is about a 9 foot spread. NINE FEET! up or down, whatever is seen fit and still within the state range!

Our Dam Caretaker is a wonder! He does a tremendous job! Thank God the caretaker is dedicated, and concerned about keeping us happy and will spend the time needed to fine tune the lake level on a daily basis. Thank God over the years Guilford was concerned about the residents on Manchaug Pond. NO state official tells Interface to open the dam, the caretaker watches the Weather Channel, sees a storm coming up the coast or whereever and opens the gate days ahead. The state does require the flow for the sewerage treatment plant at the mill and for the town of Douglas which is maintained but most times the reports show the flow is THREE TIMES what is required by the state.

How about flooding? MY neighbors first floor has been flooded when the lake was high a few years back. My sister-in-laws whole septic system, yard for that matter has been under water in the spring. Property damage, pollution…

How about our weed control -no cost, no chemical, lake-level drawdown? We accomplished that by developing our relationship with the dam owner and the caretaker over the years to fine tune when he takes the water down in the fall, how much and when he brings it up late winter.

Thursday’s Selectman meeting I noticed that the great majority of those who spoke against the Districtlive high and dry on Manchaug Rd, Torry Rd, or in the watershed not even on the lake or with waterrights and most didn’t have a dock in the water, nevermind a boat or have been seen swimming in recent years.

My husband’s 28 ft pontoon boat is on mud right now. We wait for Fuddy to bring up the waterlevel in the spring to “put” our boat in the water. Then when the water is up, we watch that it doesn’t get too high as we have had many springs were the part of the dock is under water. A good lake wind and high water can put that boat on the dock! Try to move a 28 ft boat on a windy day! Or see how much fun that boat is in a dry spring or when the open gate keeps us dry or low.

Whining? No, just facts. Just honest, realistic concern. If you support the District or are concerned about the future of our dam, and the waterlevel, speak to the Sutton Board of Selectman at their meeting tomorrow at 7 at the town hall or any first or third Tuesday or call the Town Administrator and talk about it.