Beautiful Day Yesterday

It was beautiful on the lake yesterday: sunny, blue skys, and the 7 -8 inches of snow we received in the past few days gave a fresh layer to the lake. The day was quiet as it most often is on a weekday, with an ice fisherman or two seen at lunch time, a couple snowmobilers mid afternoon and as supper time approached, a man and his dog. My daughter and grandson walked across the lake for a visit and coaxed us into a walk back to her house for a visit. On our way home, the big old Golden Retriever ran the distance to give my youngesst daughter a big friendly greeting and then was off running home as well.

On the walk over, these tracks were seen where a seagull had touched down for a little rest.

One thing I wanted to mention… our MPA President was quoted in the January 18th Worcester Telegram at a Douglas Selectman’s meeting as stating about the 40 year old MPA’s ability to preserve the welfare of the pond, “We need to move up to the 21st century”. Specifically in the past few years under his leadership, the MPA has been doing just that from putting memberhips lists on Excel spreadsheets, to storing documents on the computer, to writing grants, and now – responding to the call of our membership – moving toward the formation of a lake district. The days of keeping our treasurer’s records in a shoebox are long gone! and our response to the issues of today can not be just meetings with talk and more talk. Positive action needs to be taken with the future of the residents and the lake in mind.

and speaking of technology… I need a new battery for the digital camera as it is not keeping the charge and I could only get a picture or two out of it today AND if you need to reach me about the water level, meetings or anything else, email me as my phone service is down until March 9th as I am caught in the Vonage – Verizon abyss! sorry! Truly frustrating :((