Basic Town Services Give Life Lines

Thursday I thanked the Sutton Fire Department for the safety ladders by the dam, thinking of a boy who had fallen through the ice near Swenson’s Island many years ago and not realizing that Thursday night the Douglas Police and ambulance service would assist one of our youngest lake residents.

Deepest appreciation to the Douglas Police Department and ambulance service for their quick response to the call and for finding their way through those dark and winding remote roads in record time. I am told a number of cruisers responded, blocking traffic to allow passage of the ambulance.

Also worthy of our gratitude is the Douglas Highway Department for the plowing and sanding of these private ways and for the decision makers who realize that safety of all our citizens uppermost – even during a budget crunch.

Here’s the quote for the day: “Sometimes we must do more than our best, we must do what is required.” Winston Churchall