Did you see that!?

Whoa! What was that about? Just as I was signing in to post a message, a huge plane just flew over, very low, over Manchaug Pond, over my house, and heading south. It was low, big and dark! Sorry for the lack of technical adjectives – my husband the Marine veteran of the Vietnam War was in the cellar and missed the whole thing! Those are the words of the wife with the degree in Plant and Soil Science, the 9 year old daughter and the 16 mos old grandson. It definitely looked military and it immediately brought to mind “The Bombing of Blueberry Island”, an article written by a Founding Father of the MPA which appeared in the last MPA newsletter. I didn’t have time to turn on the digital camera to get you a picture before it was gone. If you got a photo or have any info let me know!