Manchaug Pond Foundation

Catching the Big Winner!

The state’s top anglers will receive special honors on Feb. 10 at the Eastern Fishing and Outdoor Exposition at the DCU Center in Worcester. I didn’t notice any winners from Manchaug Pond but I did notice that fish caught in our waters could have had a
chance. For instance the neighbor’s grandson caught a 6lb + bass when he was 10 years old. For the youth pin a minimum weight of 4 lbs is required for a bass and who knows who will enter.

Every fish caught at our dock is a winner! Big or small it is a thrill. Fish
are named and thrown back in to lure out another day or in 5 minutes if
they are hungry :)) This fish was caught this summer. A beauty by any

Click the title of this post to get the list of winners, the requirements for the program, and the weight stations to
bring in your prize fish. And send me photos of your prize catch!