Dam Owner Keeps Water Level High

Manchaug Pond is at high water levels for this time of year, with the gate repaired and low water a distant memory.

The dam owner called this week to give the MPA the inside info on how they’re handling this unusual winter with no snow cover. (Of course, its snowing as I write this!) First of all, Fuddy, the caretaker will have you know that in his 23 years at this job that this is very unusual to have no snow by mid-January. The plan is to keep the water as high as possible, without ice damage to docks, in case we have a dry spring. Without snow cover we won’t have a spring melt to bring us up.

In the meantime, we have been getting plenty of rain and a frozen ground that means plenty of run-off. The first week in January we recieved 2 inches of rain which brought the lake up 20 inches. In response, Fuddy had the gate opened 18 inches.

This week he had the gate back to two inches and was monitoring the weather channel for the possibility of rain – ready to open it up again. “No one watches the Weather Channel as much as I do! Its on all day!” Fuddy reports.