The State Boat Ramp

Manchaug Pond has a special designation by the state as a “Great Pond”. Not all lakes have this designation and what makes our pond special is that the public has access to its waters therefore preventing the dam from being breached. (The state is currently of the opinion that breaching old dams, which were needed in the past by many mills in the area, is a good alternative both for the environment and instead of costly repairs and maintenance.) The boat ramp gives the public access to the Pond. Our ramp is state property which for many years was managed by the state through the Public Access Board and the staff of the Douglas State Forest.

Many years ago, the MPA membership petitioned the Town of Sutton to provide more involvement/patroling of the ramp specifically preventing parking on Torrey, Parker and Irma Jones Roads when the boat ramp is full, providing a port-o-let for boaters who spend the day at Blueberry Island, and keeping the boat ramp off limits in the wee hours of the night. Sutton agreed to manage and still does with a gatekeeper who monitors usage on weekends from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Cemetery Commission who mows, and has the port-o-let brought in for users. The Board of Selectman’s secretary also registers/monitors the bass fishing clubs which use the lake for tournaments.

The MPA years ago assisted the town with the take over by presenting a feasibility study, pointing out that a fee could be charged to regain the $$ spent for the gatekeeper and port-o-let. The MPA President at the time also secure from the state the gate and a boat for the police department and the MPA donated $$ to equipted the boat with the necessary safety equiptment.