Manchaug Pond on Douglas Town Agenda Tuesday Night

Tuesday night the MPA took its request for support on the formation of a municipal watershed district to the Douglas Board of Selectman.
Douglas was already aware of our efforts as well as the grant $$$ we secured recently. State rep. Kujawski had sent them a letter and Chair Shirley Moscynski extend congratulations on our achievement. On the district idea, the board was supportive but looking for more information as to the town’s involvement. The MPA gave the petitions signed to date by 85% of the Douglas property owners and those with water rights from Manchaug Pond demonstrating the tremendous support for the Watershed District. We will be meeting with both Douglas and Sutton again with the clerk of Cedar Meadows and providing info other contact info.
If you didn’t sign the petition to state your sopport, contact your area rep.