Gate Repairs Completed!

THE JOB IS DONE! The old gate is history. The new low level outlet gate is in place. The new gate is holding back water. The rubbish screen is in place. The sandbags are gone with a few to the side. The crews have gone home. The pond is on the refill.

Now if you visit the dam you will notice there is a flow down to Steven’s Pond out of Manchaug. Yes, the gate is closed tight! BUT the state has required that this minimium flow be maintained “to support aquatic life downstream” thus the gate was made 3/8 of an inch smaller than the previous one. There will always be a flow in the closed position.

Our MPA President was at the dam this afternoon getting more pictures and talking with the crews. So believe it, this is the final report, the gate has be replaced!

If you see crews there off and on this fall, don’t worry as they will be doing some “cosmetic” type work, replacing a bracket here and there, etc. Nothing major.

So I guess now we pray for rain and snow cover! And three cheers for a job well done and a high water summer season and a hardy thanks to the dam owner!!!