A New Perspective!

What weather we had a dinner time! And continue to have! Is the lake going to fill up in one night?!! This photo was taken, not through a window as it appears, but with the camera out in the rain! The lake is in the center through the trees with my neighbors garage to the left. Did it come down!

Not 10 minutes later the wind died down and the sun popped out between the clouds all the while still raining! And of course, I said to my daughter, “Where there’s rain and sun, there’s a rainbow! Lets get down to the lake.” We grabbed the camera and ran down the lake (remember we’re one of those with water rights!) This is what we saw…

It is always amazing to me that you can be looking at things one way, say this dark, ominous looking sky and if you would only turned in the other direction – do a 180 degree turn, just look behind you as we did – you would have a totally different scene. Sure enough, when we turned around there was the rainbow in the middle of the storm! as we stood on that dry, rocky shore, a beautiful blue sky with not one but two rainbows!

A totally different perspective!