Full Day Put in at the Dam

Here’s how the wall/channel is looking tonight! We’ll watch that in the next few days to show the drop in water level.

The flow from the gate is a roar of white water!

This “screen” was removed with the use of a crane today. When in position it stands in front of the gate to prevent logs and other debrie from hitting the gate, clogging it or traveling through and downstream. Tonight it lies chained and locked waiting to go back in place. Note its companion, the sandbag.

Well, the dam owner is to be commended for its efforts in keeping the water level up so that we could enjoy the lake this summmer. We also applaud the 22 years of daily service Fuddy has given them and us in monitoring the dam and water level. And today, the beginning of the repairs began – we are told that a coffer/temporary dam may be put into place so that the waterlevel will not have to be taken down so low. don’t hold me to it though as with all the permits and agencies involved, things can change daily! We again thank the dam owner for all the specialists they have brought in to do the job right and to address the requirements of local, state and federal governments.