Water Level To Be Taken Down Another 6 Inches

If you are wondering why the water is running out of the spillway let me tell you. I heard from Guilford Thursday night and he asked me to pass on this information….

Fuddy has been notified by the Guilford office in Maine that the state of Massachusetts has required that the lake be brought down an additional 6 inches and is sending a dam inspector tomorrow, Friday morning, to observe as Fuddy takes out the boards from the spillway. (We are currently down 6 inches below full.) Fuddy says this is an “emergency act” – a precaution- as the gate is broken/jammed closed and heavy rains are expected Sunday. This will take us down an additional 6 inches bringing the total to 12 inches down from full.

We had a good level all summer and really can’t complain can we! Remember with the broken gate they could of drained us a month ago!

I know the downstream residents of Steven’s Pond will welcome more water!

Have a good weekend!