MPA Annual Meeting-Always informative and friendly

Who brought their camera?! I forgot 🙁 Email pictures if you did!

Well, for those of you who didn’t venture out today to the Annual Meeting – you missed a lot!
Info, info, info!
Offee and great pastries!
And the great lake friends I only get to see once a year!

Also about the new location … a number of members complained that Camp Blanchard was too small, too hard to get to on foot for the older members, and too much work to clean. So we decided to try a new location … the Blackstone National Grill at the golf course was booked through September; someone on the board said St. Anne’s church hall would be too hot without air conditioning if the weather was warm; someone else suggested Singletary Rod and Gun but there is a bar there and doesn’t it sound like that other lake association in Sutton should meet there?! … so one of our board members arrranged the Whitinsville Fish & Game’s pavillion. Under a great roof, plenty of tables, clean, near a trout stocked pond, plenty of parking, and free too BUT having lived my almost 50 years of life in Sutton, the place my grandmother from Webster Square called “Journey’s End”, I never would have thought it could take an hour to get to Douglas! and that a right turn could mean a left turn and where numerous gun shots highlight the President report! Did anyone not get lost?? Tell us the details if you did! I think we will be back next year at the Y. Did anyone miss the brownies?

Seriously, it was a good meeting and obvious that this organization is PROACTIVE and on top of EVERY issue of concern to its members. This week I will report on the information brought to the over 50 people attending.

Tomorrow’s topic – the upcoming dam repairs and the soon to be LOW water level. Stay tuned!