Dam Repairs Still Being Planned

Here’s a view of how the lake and the dam looked today.

Two boards are out of the spillway and the gate is open a bit as mandated by the State as part of their order to Guilford – concern was the hurricane season and the inability to control the gate and get enough water out in a short period of time.

The MPA President was on the phone quite a bit this week to find out the latest details from all parties involved… Right now – The State has granted Guilford’s request to keep the waterlevel up until Labor Day so that we can enjoy the season. (Thank you!) After Labor Day watch the lake waterlevel closely. You may need to take your boats out soon. Guilford has had their engineers out to look at the dam this week, monitoring the situation, calculating the flow and time needed to bring down the lake and waiting for government approval and instructions. The State and the Town of Sutton’s Conservation Commission will actually decide the details as to how aggressively (how low and how fast) the water will be taken down, and when that will happen. Guilford is sensitive to the needs and use of the lake by us residents and has asked the government agencies for rulings which best address our concerns to keep the waterlevel as high as possible in the main part of the lake and let the lake fill to normal as soon as possible after repairs are made. Repairs are only expected to take about a week.

Check in here for the latest! I’ll let you know when word comes to hitch the boat trailer!