Boating Safety Laws

A few water-related fatalities have hit the news lately so I thought a quick review of some boating basics is in order.

1. Life jackets are required by ALL jet-skiers, ALL water-skiers, ALL tubers, ALL canoer and kayakers from Sept 15 to May 15th, and ALL children younger than 12 years old. No exceptions.

2. Life jackets must be in good condition (no rips or dry rot!), readily accessible if not on you (stowed in the seat is not accessible!), and one for each person onboard. Also check proper size and weight limits.

3. No open containers of alchohol on Manchaug Pond. No drinking …it is the law.

4. Don’t forget a ladder os required for water-skiers, tubers, and swimmers.

5. Registration and numbers for all boats with a motor.

6. Fire extinguisher for those motorboarts over 26 feet with an outboard motor or all inboards.

7. ALL motorboats need an anchor, bailer, and a line. If under 16 feet, a paddle or oar is required.

8. To operate a jet-ski you must be 18 or older. 16 and 17 year olds may complete a Safety Education training and then may operate with this certificate.

9. To operate a motor boat you must be at least 16 years old, or 12 years old with an adult 18 or over on board supervising. Children 12 -15 years old may obtain a Safety Education Certificate to obtain alone

10. Horn or whistle or bell for all boats.

11. Speeds of more than 45 mph are considered excessive. Within 150 feet of a skier, swimmer, marina, or a dock must operate less than 6 mph. Do not operate within 150 feet of a swim beach.

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