Thunderstorm Hits Lake and Puts Us Over Full!

Thursday evening a thunderstorm rolled in and brought rain, hail and the destructive lightning we all dread. The Sutton Girls Softball teams playing at Camp Blanchard canceled the 6 p.m. game with the rain starting about 5:50. A large white pine tree was hit by lightning on Manchaug Road and another strike on Irma Jones Rd started a home on fire with the Manchaug/Sutton Fire Dept. responding within minutes. Our power went out at 6 p.m. and was restored Friday afternoon around 1:00. My cable was just restored this evening … Thurs.-Sunday. Is that good service? When I called Saturday I was on hold for 1 hour before I got to talk to someone. When I called today I found out I was scheduled for appointment on the 7th ?! Four neighbors called me to compare notes…. we learned that the Cable Company won’t send the truck out until 3 homes have called reporting an outage- SIX called but not all were registered as an outage. Ugh!

And the lake… Fuddy reported Saturday morning that the lake was 4 inches OVER full and he is measuring twice a day and watching homes for flooding after having opened the dam a bit. He called again today having opened things up a bit. Remember the drought we were having… the lake was too low! New England weather! Thanks Fuddy for being on top of things on a daily basis!