The Lake and Pet/Animal Waste

Rain yesterday, today and tomorrow. When it is not raining, the air is 100% humidity. Did you know Fuddy did a rain dance? Did you know a couple hundred residents of Whitin Reservoir met at St. Denis Church to talk about their dam and the water level? – not in the hall but upstairs in the church and many prayed for higher water.

Everyone can stop dancing and praying! enough rain!

Seriously, I have a little educational piece for you to check out. I found it while looking for info on dirt roads and nonpoint source pollution. You see, these heavy rains wash sediment into the lake as well as whatever else is found in the watershed: sand and salt off roads, fertilizers from lawns, oils, detergents, as well as bacteria from animal wastes and livestock manures. Check out the “DEP Fact Sheets” under Links in the column on the right. I had to take it out of the post area as it was too big:Educational nonpoint source brochure: Pet waste. January 2003.
It will make you think!

Tomorrow I will tell you about the state grant the MPA has submitted to help protect our water from these sorts of issues/problems.