Water Level and Fuddy’s Rain Dance!

Rain yesterday, rain today and rain in the forecast! Go rain!!

Sunday, our friend Fuddy from Guilford(the keeper of our dam), gave me a call to update me on things from his perspective…

Fuddy has been in his position monitoring our dam and the water level on a daily basis for 22 years. He reports this is the worst he has seen it: a dry spring and of course no snow melt to bring us into spring. We started with hurricane Katrina and then a winter which saw snow which melted inbetween storms. With the early melts, I was calling Fuddy to open the dam as the high water level was causing havoc with docks and boats usually high and dry on shore.

Fuddy has had the dam closed for March, April and May or open just a “trickle”. He wants you to know he can’t do much about the weather (he says it is the Man upstairs!) but did report doing a rain dance last week!

Further Fuddy reports he is still on the payroll with Guilford along with about 20 other employees. Guilford has relocated to North Carolina where the winters are mild making for lower energy costs and cheaper labor. He did say workers from up here had to go south to train the new mill workers. He also reports an envelope company renting the upstairs of the mill, but no buyer yet.

We need alot more rain to get this lake filled. So MPA members keep praying and Fuddy keep dancing! With the rain we can break out the puzzles, hot chocolates, and enjoywatching the trees leaf out!