Noises in the Night

11:10 p.m. Thursday night: Did you hear it…. not a puppy barking, not a duck quacking but something inbetween? The commotion lasted 10 minutes until 11:20 and I had a front row seat! I put the spot light on and there in my neighbors driveway and in the road directly in front of my house there was a small red-tailed fox and another neighbor’s calico cat in a stand off! The fox and the cat seemed about the same height but I think the cat was a bigger weight wise!

Living on Manchaug Pond doesn’t limit the excitement to the water, our watershed has a great diversity of animals – commonly visible to us all. Stories of fisher cats, deer, wild turkey, black Grey squirrels and “flying” squirrels, fox, raccoon, skumk and possum are everyday – did I leave anyone out?!

Tell us of your encounter with nature here in the watershed of Manchaug Pond