Deer in the Watershed

This morning at 10 am as we passed Camp Blanchard, my daughter spotted two deer grazing on the lawn in the parking area on the right side of the caretaker’s house. I had my digital camera with me but with my husband driving at 35 mph it was just a memory in seconds!

Deer are very common around Manchaug Pond and it’s watershed: frequently seen crossing the road, in the woods at the state boat ramp, and occasionally on someone’s lawn feeding on the tender shoots or under a fruit-bearing tree. My daughter and I have tracked them down our dirt road to the lake… we imagine for an early morning drink. A couple years ago we had an older fawn in our driveway who in fright quickly retreated to the woods, went down a path to the lake, and continued on to swim the lake crossing the channel and over to the Douglas side.

Keep your eyes open, cameras ready and share with us any wildlife you might see here near Manchaug Pond!