Dam Ownership & the Water Rights

I am sure you have heard the latest “good one”… my neighbor Arline heard it a couple weeks ago at the hairdresser from Harriet of Whitins Res…

“Someone is trying to buy the dams and water rights, drain the lakes and build houses at Whitins and at Manchaug hold us all hostage for big bucks to raise the level.”!!!

Good one but NOT funny.

The REAL Scoop is our MPA President has spoken with the dam/mill owner 4 times in the last month and their attorney today. The water rights and the dam at Manchaug Pond have not been sold nor has the mill todate. If any future buyer of the mill needs the water, the rights will be sold with the mill. If the water rights are not needed than the mill wants to do the right/honorable thing. We envision the Town being approached first. In all cases, the MPA is in contact with the mill and the mill is committed to keeping us informed as to the progress on securing a buyer for the mill and the status of the dam.

Further, the Sutton Conservation Commission reports that the proper permits need to be secured when lowering a lake, and any future owner would need to be responsible in that area.

The water level of Manchaug is down due to the lack of rain – no other.