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Lake Draw-down Begins

October 15, 2017

Manchaug Pond Foundation

After a beautiful summer with continually optimal water levels contributing to healthy fisheries and the broader lake ecosystem as well as safe recreation, the annual winter draw-down of the lake water-level is schedule to begin.  October 15th is the target date but please be aware that this may vary depending on the level of the lake coming out of the summer season and if there are any impending storm events in the weather forecast.

The water-level will drop an inch or two per day reaching an anticipated low of 4.5 and 6 feet by early January.  Please be aware of this process and make adjustments/arrangements for docks and boats along the shoreline to accommodate the reduced water level.

Public access through the state boat ramp is not impacted by the draw-down.

Visit our Waterlevel & Dam website page for more details as to how, when, and why of the dam and water-level and check in regularly for a look at what’s happening throughout the seasons.


October 15, 2017

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