We’re Not the Only Ones With Trouble!

I know the waterlevel is going down. Tell your neighbors who don’t have internet and read the blog what is going on. I’m working on a newsletter to inform the entire membership. But it looks like we’re not the only ones with troubles… yesterday’s Telegram reports a lock on the Erie Canal in New York is hung up due to heavy rains which prevented the sloop from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man’s Chest” from sailing through. Also, I am relieved we don’t have a tunnel to share Boston’s woes and we have an open container law in Sutton and hopefully residents and lake users with common sense to prevent headlines like Lake Quinsig. Reading the morning paper is not the way to start the day on an upbeat note!

I’ll let you know on any development on the dam, but in the meantime we will turn to other topics from the submitted Non-point source pollution grant to daily life on the lake. Have a great day!

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